Zigbee Xbee Module (Series S2C) Quickstart Guide

The Zigbee s2c is a wireless peripheral device commonly used for sending/receiving data. These devices can be used in point-to-point or mesh configuration, depending on your needs, and are reliable in serial communications, which means that you can use this directly with your computer or anything with a serial port. This module is used in systems such as wireless sensor networks (WSN).


  • Input voltage: 3.6 V
  • Input Current: 28 mA
  • Indoor/urban range: up to 60 m
  • Transmit power output: 6.3 mW (boost mode), 3.1 mW (normal mode)


For this quickstart guide, we will need the following materials:

  • 1 – Arduino Uno
  • 1 – Zigbee Xbee Shield
  • 1 – Zigbee Xplorer Adapter Module
  • 2 – Zigbee Digi Xbee Module (Series S2C)


Mount the Xbees into the Zigbee Xbee Shield. Follow the shape pattern in the xbee shield when mounting the xbee module. When using Arduino Xbee Shields, mount them into an Arduino Uno.

C:\Users\Jarvis_v1\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Word\20180803_145339.jpg


Connect them to the computer. Open the XCTU program, and click on the “Add Radio Module”

Click on the Serial Port for your Zigbee module. In this case, the Zigbee modules connected are in COM6 and COM4. Set the following parameters for them:

Baud Rate 9600
Data Bits 8
Parity None
Stop Bits 1
Flow Control None

Click “Finish”.

Click on one Zigbee module. Set the following parameters to configure it as the receiver.

(ID) Pan ID 12345
(JV) Channel Verification 1
(CE) Coordinator Enable 0
(DL) Destination Address Low 0
(NO) Node Discovery Options 0

Once done, upload the parameters on the Zigbee Module by Click “Write”. Click on the other Zigbee Module. Set the following parameters to configure it as the coordinator.

(ID) Pan ID 12345
(JV) Channel Verification 0
(CE) Coordinator Enable 1
(DL) Destination Address Low FFFF
(NO) Node Discovery Options 1

Once done, click “Write”.

To test whether they are communicating, go to Consoles working mode, which is the computer icon on the display.

On the Consoles Working Mode mode, click on the Open icon (one with an electrical plug). Do the same to the other Zigbee. Try typing on the console log.


The blue text indicates that it is the message you are sending, whereas the red text is the received message from the other module.

C:\Users\Jarvis_v1\Downloads\xbee output.png


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