The MQ Gas Sensor checklist

The MQ Gas Sensor Checklist!

“MQ” Gas Sensors are one of the most reliable Gas sensors that you can use to add gas sensing capabilities in your project. These gas sensor modules are used in many projects and industrial applications. If you are like us, having different kinds of sensors attached to our projects makes it more challenging and useful. This will also make your project more reliable and feature rich.

Below are compiled list for the many different kinds of sensors that are used in many projects and products with their individual gas sensing capabilities and working electrical voltages. We have some of them and some have not been stocked yet. If you need one of them hit us in our contact info and we’ll surely get one for you!

Sensor Name Gas to measure
MQ-2 Methane, Butane, LPG, Smoke 5V
MQ-3 Alcohol, Ethanol, Smoke 5V
MQ-4 Methane, CNG Gas 5V
MQ-5  Natural gas, LPG 5V
MQ-6  LPG, butane gas 5V
MQ-7  Carbon Monoxide 5V and 1.4V
MQ-8  Hydrogen Gas 5V
MQ-9  Carbon Monoxide, flammable gasses 5V and 1.4V
MQ131  Ozone 6V
MQ135 Air Quality (Benzene, Alcohol, smoke) 5V
MQ136 Hydrogen Sulphide gas 5V
MQ137 Ammonia 5V
MQ138 Benzene, Toluene, Alcohol, Propane, Formaldehyde gas, Hydrogen 5V
MQ214 Methane, Natural Gas 6V
MQ216 Natural gas, Coal Gas 5V
MQ303A Alcohol, Ethanol, smoke 0.9V
MQ306A LPG, butane gas 0.9V
MQ307A Carbon Monoxide 0.2V and 0.9V
MQ309A  Carbon Monoxide, flammable gas 0.2V and 0.9V
MG811 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) 6V
AQ-104 Air quality – NC

That’s it! if you have other sensors that you think are useful kindly let us know. We’ll make another types of sensors checklist on the book.