Zigbee Digi XBee Module (Series S2C) – 6.5mW, wire antenna


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The Zigbee Xbee Modules are commonly used for sending/receiving wireless data’s in Wireless Sensor Networks projects using wireless point-to-point or mesh network communication. If you like to make a low power wireless Arduino project that is reliable, simple and needs multiple points the Zigbee modules are one of the good choice. The Zigbee acts as a replacement to your wired serial communication (AT commands/UART) and convert them into wireless data stream.

The Zigbee Xbee modules operate on the 2.4GHz spectrum using the 802.15.4 protocol. The Zigbee Wireless Modules are commonly used in Wireless Sensor Networks, Remote data monitoring, home/building/farm automations, wireless alarm and security and many other industrial control applications.

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Features / Specifications

  • Transmit/Receive:  3.3V @ ~40mA
  • Transmit Power   :  2mW output (+ 3dBm)
  • Outdoor range    :  ~ 400ft (120m) range
  • Indoor range       :  ~ 40m
  • Local or over-air configuration
  • AT or API command set

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