Infrared Remote Control


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This is a complete and commonly used Infrared Remote Control in many Arduino and microcontroller projects. We also have the partner receiver for this remote control, the Infrared IR Receiver Diode (TSOP38238). Now you can Remote Control features to your projects in an affordable and easy to use form. This remote control has arrow keys, Enter keys, numerics and others. Check out the example link below for some detailed tutorials, example code and more explanations sourced out from our community of project makers.

Features / Specifications

  • Based on NEC protocol
  • Built-in 1 x AG10 battery
  • Remote control range  : above 8m
  • Wavelength                   : 940Nm
  • Frequency                     : crystal oscillator      : 455KHz
                                                         IR carrier frequency  : 38KHz

Tutorials / Manuals / Documents