Flame/Fire/Light Sensor board


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Detect Flame/Fire/Light Sensor with this easy to use tiny board. You can easily connect it to your Arduino as an input digital pin outputing a HIGH and LOW signal. Only require 3 pins (VCC, GND, OUTPUT) and has a mounting hole so you can easily mount to your desired surface.

Features / Specifications

  • Working voltage  : 3.3-5V
  • Dimension            : Height: 7.3 mm, Width: 47.2 mm, Weight 2.1 g
  • Detect angle         : 60 degrees
  • Sensitivity adjust with onboard potentiometer trimmer
  • Digital output 1 or 0 (from built in comparator)
  • Mounting hole
  • With comparator circuit based on LM393
  • Detect flame/fire wavelength at 760nm ~ 1100nm
  • Flame detect distance ~80cm