USB to micro USB Cable (30cm)


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This is a standard USB to micro-USB cable with 30cm of length. Good for powering mobile phones, microcontroller boards and powering devices that require a micro USB pin.

Note: this is a power only micro-USB cable (no data)therefore you cannot use this to program ESP8266 board or any microcontroller (only to power it) and cannot use transferring files from phone to computer. We suggest the USB Cable – USB A to micro B, 1.5m (150cm) or USB Cable Type A to micro B cable – 1M (SKU:CP-186) or USB to micro-USB Cable (50cm) (SKU:CP-206) instead if you want to program a microcontroller like Arduino or ESP8266 boards.

Features / Specifications

  • Type: Micro USB
  • Length: 30cm
  • Color: white

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USB to micro USB Cable (30cm)