Humidity Sensor (Si7021)


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The Si7021 Humidity and Temperature Sensor is a modern & accurate sensor, readily available on small breakout boards. It is a better alternative to the [DHT] sensors, and uses less power. The Si7021 is a low-cost, easy to use, highly accurate, digital temperature and humidity sensor. All you need is two lines for I2C communication, and you’ll have relative humidity readings and accurate temperature readings as well! This sensor is ideal for environmental sensing and data logging, perfect for a weather station or humidor control system.

Features / Specifications

  • Uses the I2C interface
  • Typical humidity accuracy of ±2%
  • Typical temperature accuracy of ±0.3C
  • Operates from 0 to 100% humidity but this sensor isn’t recommended for harsh environments where it could come in contact with water (such as rain)
  • 3.3V sensor – use inline logic level converters or 10kΩ resistors to limit 5V signals
  • Only one Si7021 sensor can reside on the I2C bus at a time

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