Float Switch (Liquid Level Sensor)




If you want to monitor the level of the water of your home’s water tank or any liquid container in your place, use our Float Switch (Liquid Level Sensor). Its purpose is to open or close a circuit as the level of a liquid rises or falls. It is able to detect the level of liquid in a container, control a pump, used as an indicator and an alarm.

These float switches are easy to mount and require a simply screw or gasket fitting to the tank. The switch is normally open in the vertical or drop position, as shown in the photo. When the water level rises the float moves to the horizontal/flat position and the switch is then closed. The switch is suitable for AC or DC voltages and can switch loads of up to 1A. The unit is ideal for turning on a valve or pump, once the water level reaches the determined level.

Features / Specifications

  • Max Contact Rating          : 10W
  • Max Switching Voltage     :  100VDC
  • Max Switching current      : 0.5A
  • Max Breakdown Voltage   :  220VDC
  • Max Carry Current             :  1.0A
  • Max Contact Resistance   :  100m Ω
  • Temperature Rating           : -10 to +60C
  • Float Ball Material              :  P.P
  • Float Body Material            :  P.P
  • Cable Length                      : 40(cm)

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