Nema23 Stepper Motor


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NEMA23 Stepper Motor.

Suitable for various applications such as machinery, placement machine, non-standard equipment, 3D printer, automation equipment and many more. This is compact and portable size and easy to install. Insulation resistance is 100M Ω Min 500VDC, ultra-low noise, high precision. Fits for 3D printers, supervisor equipment, textile machinery and so on.

Model: 57HD4016-01

Features / Specifications

Step distance angle: 1.8°.
Rated voltage: 5.2V DC.
Rated current: 2.0A.
Holding torque: 1200mN.m Min. (or 12kg-cm)
Phase resistance: 2.6 Ω ± 10%(20℃).
Inductance: 9.4mH±20%.
Insulation resistance: 100M Ω Min 500VDC.

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Stepper Motor NEMA23