ESPduino32 Wemos Development Module Board, CH340




(This item is an ESPDUINO32 board made by wemos/lolin/doit) 

This is an ESP32 WiFi IoT Development Board in Arduino UNO R3 PCB footprint. If you are looking to use ESP32 in your project or learn about ESP32 this board comes in good form since you can use it directly to mount the popular Arduino Shields. The pin of the ESP32 chip are broken down and spread into the I/O pins in an Arduino UNO R3 board format. You may check the board’s printing or schematic to trace up the pin numberings assign for each I/O pin.

This board is WiFi and Bluetooth-enabled based on the ESP32 Wireless chip. It runs at a fast 200MHz speed so you can do many extended application that needs fast processor. Pin numbering is printed and marked next to the stacking header and the extra ESP32 pins are brought out to solder pads on the board.

To get started with the ESP32 and Arduino integration go here: Arduino and the ESP32.

USB Drivers:

Click here for the CH34X USB driver download and installation guide.

Features / Specifications

Wireless Module – ESP-WROOM-32 based on Espressif ESP32 dual core Tensilica LX6 processor with 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2 LE
Expansion – Arduino UNO headers with SPI, I2C, digital I/Os, 1x analog input up to 3.2V, 5V, GND
Micro USB input
Power Supply – 5 to 12V input via DC jack or Vin pin
Dimensions – 66 x 53.3 x 13.5 mm
Average current: 80 mA
Compatible with Arduino
Operating temperature:-40-85 Degrees Celsius

Tutorials / Manuals / Documents

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