L298N Motor Drive Controller


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The L298N Motor Driver Module is a high voltage Dual H-Bridge motor driver board from ST micro. This board is designed to accept standard TTL voltage levels (microcontroller and other 3.3V or 5V MCU’s). This board is perfect for your robotic car controllers, motor driver projects and other motor driven applications. H-bridge drivers are used to drive inductive loads that requires forward and reverse function with speed control such as DC Motors, and Stepper Motors. This Dual H-Bridge driver is capable of driving voltages up to 46V and continuous current up to 2A in each channels.

This module also have a built-in 5V regulator that can drive up to 500mA so you wont’ need any other external 5V source to power your whole microcontroller circuit.

Note: to avoid damage of chip, we suggest using an external 5V power supply when using this board for more than 12V driving voltage.

Features / Specifications

  • Working Mode            : Drived by H bridge (double lines)
  • Control Chip               : L298N ( ST )
  • Logical Voltage          : 5V
  • Driving Voltage          : 5V — 35V
  • Logical Current          : 0mA-36mA
  • Driving Current          : 2A (MAX single bridge)
  • Storage Temperature :( -20 ℃)—( +135 ℃)
  • Maximum Power        :  25W
  • Periphery Dimension : 43*43*27mm
  • Net Weight                  : 30g

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