TCRT5000 Infrared (IR) Line Sensor Board – 1 channel


TCRT5000 Infrared (IR) Line Sensor Board – 1 channel

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This Infrared (IR) Line Sensor board is based on TCRT5000 which is a high grade type of infrared sensors. It’s another board to use for your line follower robots or projects that needs detection using infrared light. It has a comparator circuit on it with adjustable potentiometer to set the reference/threshold voltage for the infrared detection level. It also has an on board power and digital output LED indicator for easy debugging. This TCRT5000 is a pair of infrared emitter and phototransistor which send signal to each other.

When powered, you set detection level by adjusting the on board trimmer potentiometer. You can get the Output data in digital HIGH and LOW when line is detected in the D0 (digital output) pin. If you want to get the analog output, you can get it from the A0 pin.

Features / Specifications

  • Detection range distance :  1mm to 25mm
  • Output form                       :  digital switch output (0 and 1), analog output
  • Board size                          :  3.2cm x 1.4cm
  • Comparator circuit based on LM393
  • With potentiometer to adjust sensitivity
  • Working voltage of 3.3V to 5V

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