RF Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit (433Mhz)


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The RF modules are 433 MHz RF transmitter and receiver modules. These transmitter/receiver module is good use for your wireless application project that wants to use the free band 433MHZ. These modules can be fully used by interfacing it to any microcontroller like and Arduino microcontroller.

Technically, the transmitter draws no power when transmitting logic zero while fully suppressing the carrier frequency thus consume significantly low power in battery operation. When logic one is sent carrier is fully on to about 4.5mA with a 3volts power supply. The data is sent serially from the transmitter which is received by the tuned receiver.

Features / Specifications

Features of RF Module:

  • Receiver frequency 433MHz
  • Receiver typical frequency 105Dbm
  • Receiver supply current 3.5mA
  • Low power consumption
  • Receiver operating voltage 5v
  • Transmitter frequency range 433.92MHz
  • Transmitter supply voltage 3v~6v
  • Transmitter output power 4v~12v

4 Applications:

  • Wireless security systems
  • Car alarm systems
  • Remote controls
  • Sensor reporting

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