L298P Motor Shield


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This L298P Motor Shield (Ardumoto) can control two (2) DC Motors up to 2A per channel from its L298P H-bridge chips (Please note that the amount of current available to your motor will depend on your circuit power source). Attach this to your Arduino board as a shield, this motor shield will is a great controller platform for small robotics and RC vehicles. It is easy to use and it supports 3.3 or 5V logic level for the external motor drive power terminals. The board takes its power from the same VIN line as the Arduino board and includes blue and red LEDs to indicate active motor directions and all the shield circuit is protected with flyback force protection diode. This is a perfect driver for our line follower kit and the Gearbod DC Motors with wheels.

Features / Specifications

  • Model       : Ardumoto L298P
  • Size          : Approx. 60*52*10mm / 2.36×2.05×0.39inch
  • Weight     : 0.67 oz (19 g)
  • Less I/O pins used (only 4 wires)
  • High current (up to 2A)
  • Back EMF Protection
  • On-board motor speed and direction indicator LED
  • Can drive 2 channel DC Motors

Scope of application: Arduino robot car, Motor Controls, Industrial motors.

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