DS18B20 Temperature sensor (Waterproof, 1m)


DS18B20 Temperature sensor (Waterproof, 1m)

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This DS18B20 Temperature Sensor is a waterproof digital temperature sensor good for measuring temperature in wet conditions or in farther measurement point. This is a high resolution and high performance temperature sensor. It’s a great product addition for data logging of temperature for your Arduino or microcontroller projects. The wire is 1m long and this sensor only requires 3 wires to run. A very good support library and documentation is available written by “milesburton” which is used in many projects in the community. Refer below for links on this library and other example documentations.

Features / Specifications

  • -55 deg. Celsius to +125 deg. Celsius
  • 3V to 5.5V
  • VCC (red), DATA (yellow), GND (black)