2.8 inch TFT LCD Touch Screen Display Module (with pen and LI9341 driver)


2.8” TFT Touchscreen LCD suitable for Arduino UNO/Mega2560 boards to add display and touch user interface to any project!

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This 2.8” TFT Touchscreen LCD is suitable for the Arduino UNO/Mega2560 boards to add display and touch user interface to any project. It directly plugs into the Arduino board without any additional wiring. This module can be used to display characters, graphics, pictures and BMP format images. This is Resistive type touchscreen. This module supports mini SD card to expand storage.

Power Monitoring Display Project
Touch display human interface controller
Industrial Display Application

Features / Specifications

Display size: 2.8″ diagonal LCD TFT display
ILI9341 controller with built in video RAM buffer
Touch screen type: resistive touchscreen
Touch Pen: length is 9cm
Resolution: 240X320
Operating voltage: 5V; Logic level: 5V / 3.3V;
On-board 3.3V / 300mA regulator circuit;
Operating current: the maximum is 150mA without TF card;
Onboard Micro SD slot, support 2GB Micro SD / TF Card.
Works with any Arduino ‘328 or Mega
Weight: 38g
Bright, 4 white-LED backlight
Colorful, 18-bit 262,000 different shades
Size: 7.8 x 5.3cm

Note: Module uses the A0 ~ A4 pins, D2 ~ D13 pins. If you do not use TF card, you can use the D10 ~ D13;
Arduino library supports: Adafruit-TFTLCD, Touch Screen and Adafruit-GFX;

Tutorials / Manuals / Documents
Quickstart Example Guide for 2.8inch TFT LCD
Example and Datasheet (by allelectronics)

Additional information

Weight 38 g

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