i2c Driver Board for LCD 16×02 20×04


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This i2c Driver Backpack Board for LCD reduces the number of pins required to control an LCD Display from 16 pins to 2 pins (i2c SDA and SCL). Now you can save and use the other extra pins to connect other sensors or for any input/output. This i2c driver backpack works with any standard character LCD from 8×1 to 20×4 sizes as long as they have a 16-pin single-line connection header at the top just like the 16×02 and 20×04 LCD displays that we stock.  This i2c driver is based on the widely known PCF8574A i2c driver chip.

Note: i2c address 0x27 will work for the Arduino LCD library. If not try 0x3F or 0x20 instead.

We recommend this to use with the LCD Display module 2×16 or LCD 4×20.

Features / Specifications

  • Size           : 54 x 19 mm
  • Net weight : 6 g

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