ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board (for 28BYJ mini Stepper)


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The ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Module is a small and easy to use motor driver module for stepper motors especially and board specifically designed to fit for the mini stepper motor 28BYJ Stepper Motor. At the same time you may also use this to drive small DC motor s for robotics projects, relays, solenoids and high current LED lights. This motor driver is based on Darlington pair transistors that makes it a super high performance device.

Each pins/darling pairs can drive up to 50V and 500mA to 600mA per channel. This is a perfect module to interface in your Arduino or Raspberry Pi microcontroller projects. The board/module is also perfectly designed to fit in the small DC motor with the stepper motor pin input header. The module also has output LED indicators.

Pair this stepper motor driver with the Stepper Motor mini – 5VDC 32-Step (28BYJ-48)

Features / Specifications

  • Logic Control Voltage   : 3 to 5.5v
  • Motor Supply Voltage    : 5 to 50v
  • Operating Temperature : -25 degrees Celsius to +90 Degree Celsius
  • Can Sink 500mA from 50v supply, (beter used voltage driver under 15 volts)
  • Integrated suppression diodes for inductive loads
  • Seven Darlingtons per package

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