Robotic Arm Kit (Clamp-Claw) Aluminum


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Full Set DIY 2DOF Robot Arm Manipulator Claw (Not Assembly) is a robotic arm kit which includes manipulator claw, aluminum bracket and accessories like nuts, bolts etc. This kit very useful to make our own robotic arm which is used in many applications like move a material from one place to another place (Weight not exceed than 500 gm).

Features / Specifications

  • Package total weight: 112 gm
  • Aluminum Matte Coat Pan and Tilt for the horizontal surface, unassembled
  • Servo bracket used in the shoulders and knees or another joint of humanoid robots, biped robots etc.
  • Can plant a camera or IR sensor for Robot.
  • Clamp Claw:
    • Weight capacity is about 300 gm objects
    • Material               : Full aluminum alloy
    • Weight                 : About 64gm
    • Maximum angle  : 54mm
    • Total length         : 110mm (paw when closed overall longest length)
    • Total width          : 94mm (the claws open when the maximum overall width)

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