Servo Motor TowerPro SG5010 (standard), 5kg, 180 deg.


Servo Motor TowerPro SG5010 (standard size with Accessories and gears).

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This high quality standard sized Servo Motor TowerPro SG5010 is good for steering your robot wheels or pick and place robot. It rotates at approximately 180 degrees (90 degrees in left and right direction). You can also use it for any application you need that needs moving an object (or anything possible you can think). The pack is complete with all the accessories you need to start.

Connect Servo wire to Arduino :

  • ORANGE   to   any Arduino PWM (~) pin (ex. pin 9)
  • RED           to   +5 Volts
  • BROWN     to   GND

Position “0 degress” (1.5ms pulse) is middle, “90 degrees” (~2ms pulse) to the right, “-90 degrees” (~1ms pulse) to the left.

Features / Specifications

  • Operating Voltage  : 4.8V – 6.0V
  • Weight                     : 39g (1.37 oz)
  • Torque                     : At 5V, 5.5kg-cm / 76oz-in, and at 6V 6.5kg-cm / 90oz-in.
  • Dimensions             : 41mm x 20mm x 38mm

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