Robot Car Basic Kit – Clear


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The Robot Car Basic Kit is what you need to start your Robotics car projects. You can use this for your Line Follower Robotic CarObstacle or Wall Avoidance Robotic CarBluetooth Controlled Car or even just a Free Running Robot Car with your desired sequences.

The kit comes un-assembled but we provide an easy to follow Assembly Manual which only takes a few minutes to assemble. A link and example codes for Line Follower, Free Running Car, Obstacle or Wall Detection car are also provided.

Note :

  • This Robot Car can be supplied from 5 volts to 12 Volts to run the DC motors at full speed. Speeds vary from 20 to 250 rpm and has a torque of 6 to
  • This Kit does not include 4 AA batteries but batteries are really easy to find!


The kit includes:

  • Battery holder for 4 AA batteries
  •  2 geared DC motors with wheels
  • 1 free running wheel which serves as a support wheel
  • wires, screws, nuts and bolts
  • Screw driver
  • Aluminum bars to attach for the geared DC motor
  • switch