MOSFET N-Channel (30A/60V) – RFP30N06LE


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This is a common and widely used N-Channel MOSFET Model: FQP30N06LE capable of handling 60V at 30Amps DC Voltage. If you want to power high voltage and high current DC devices like a solenoid valve/lock or high power DC lights this is the IC to use. This device is compatible with most 3-5 Volts microcontroller such as the Arduino.

We both carry two version which are nearly identical and are pin compatible. These are the FQP30N06L version and the FQP30N06LE version.

Features / Specifications

  • High Votlage High Current Transistor Switch
  • Easy to interface with 3V/3.3V/5V microcontrollers

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