Adapter Board for ESP-12E SMD chip


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This Adapter Board for ESP-12E SMD chip is a perfect pair for your WiFi Module – ESP8266 (ESP12-E SMD). This board includes male headers to solder in the pinout pads to easily access the I/O pins of your ESP12-E chip. Place your ESP-12E SMD board on the aligned pads, do a little bit of soldering for each pin and the included headers and you now have an easy access to your ESP-12E wifi chip.

You may also get some Voltage Regulator – 3.3V, {USB to UART Serial TTL adapter cable PL2303}, Logic Level converter 5V and 3.3V, Capacitor Electrolytic – 1000uF to complete your parts and program the ESP12-E chip. Maybe you can also get a Power Supply Adapter 12V/600mA to power your circuit.

Features / Specifications

  • Includes male headers for easy access of pins for the ESP12-E chip
  • Breadboard friendly
  • Easy access to pins of ESP12-E chip for better prototyping

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