Fingerprint Reader Scanner/Sensor (optical) (Model: AS608)


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The AS608 module is used to scan fingerprints and send the data to a microcontroller via serial communication. The module can store up to 127 individual fingerprints.

Optical fingerprint sensors take low-resolution snapshots of the tip of a finger and create arrays of identifiers that are then used to uniquely identify a given fingerprint. The AS608 is capable of storing up to 128 individual fingerprints. This tutorial will introduce the AS608 Arduino-compatible fingerprint sensor and how to validate and reject fingerprints based on the enrolled fingerprint information that will be given to the sensor. The fingerprint algorithm is handled by the AS608 and Arduino, so this tutorial will focus on implementation and putting the pieces together to make a working fingerprint sensor with Arduino.

Features / Specifications:

  • Fingerprint storage memory: 127 fingerprints
  • Resolution: 500dpi
  • Supply current: <60mA
  • Supply voltage: 3.3V
  • Fingerprint image entry time: <1.0 seconds
  • Peak current: <60mA

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