Li-on Lithium Battery Protection Board 18650 BMS (3S 40A)


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The Li-on Lithium Battery Protection Board 18650 BMS (3S 40A) is a battery management system module. It works on the 20A -40A power current. This BMS module is commonly used to manage and protect the battery from overcharge or discharge. It is very safe and reliable to use. This module provides short circuit protection; overload, discharge, and overcharge protection. This little piece of equipment ensures the safety and protection of your battery pack. So that the battery can provide you with a long service life. This module has low current consumption and provides stable performance. Due to its small size, excellent performance, and low cost. This product is suitable to meet a wide range of requirements.

Features / Specifications:

  • Battery: 3 Cell
  • Overcharge detection voltage (V): 4.25 ± 0.025
  • Over-discharge detection voltage (V): 2.50 ± 0.08
  • Charging voltage: 12.6V – 13.6V
  • Overcurrent Protection: 40A
  • Working current: 20A
  • Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +85°C
  • Length: 60mm
  • Width: 41mm
  • Height: 3.5mm
  • Weight: 9gm

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