New Products! (06/21/2019)

Hay-maker, Hey Makers wahdap!

We have new products on the shelf! Perfect new exciting modules to add for your weekend experimentation. We have a Voice Recognition Module, Voltage sensor module, RS232 to TTL MAX232 IC, LCD Keypad Shield and Raspberry Pi Experiment kit with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. 

First up the Voice Recognition Module v3. This module can listen, scan and save voice commands. This is a perfect module to use for your long awaited voice activated projects. You might want to create your own Amazon Alexa or Google home mini at home and automate your lights and appliances!

Voice Recognition Module

Next up, the Voltage Sensor module. This board can detect DC (direct current voltage) from 0 to 25V and outputs an analog signal of (0-5V) equivalent that feed in to your Arduino. This can easily be integrated into your Arduino project. This is good for your power monitoring and power metering applications.

Voltage Sensor

The MAX232N IC is an RS232 to TTL converter IC. If you have an RS232 device (most of them old device but still useful) like a GPS scanner or handheld radio or RFID module that uses RS232 communication, you need to use this IC to connect the RS232 device to your microcontroller like the Arduino. This IC takes care of the voltage translation from above 5 volts (RS232 mostly 12v) and safely feed it to your 5v microcontroller board.

MAX232N IC (16 pin, DIP)

Add control menu and select options in your project with the LCD Keypad Shield with LCD display. This mounts directly to your Arduino board. You can now create project with physical button controllers and at the same time give you a 2×16 lcd screen.

LCD Keypad Shield (with 2×16 LCD, blue backlight)

Lastly but definitely not the least, the new Raspberry Pi Starter Kit (with Model 3B+) . This kit now now comes with the latest Raspberry Pi the Model 3 B+. An experiment guide is also included that you can setup your Raspberry Pi environment and start designing your own circuits. You can learn Python programming, basics of computer, internet connected projects and run high level application with the faster Raspberry Pi 3B+.

Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit (with Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ & Experiment Manual)

Stay tuned for more modules to come! If you have some modules in mind that you want us to add on our shelves shoot us an email at or give a chat on our facebook page. Happy Weekend project making!