Electronics Kits for Beginners, Advanced and everything in between!

Electronics Kits for Beginners

Learn about technology, add a new skill to your resume or be an inventor! These Beginner Starter Kits are a must have in your desk!

For General Purpose use in students, hobbyist, professionals, schools and everyone!

The Arduino Starter Kit with Experiment Manual!

Arduino Starter Kit (with Experiment Manual)

For Teachers, Educators and Lab scientist! (comes with 10 Kits and Full semester Arduino Curriculum Teaching Documents)

Arduino Robotics/STEM Curriculum Classroom Lab Kit (with 10 Kits and Teacher Manuals)

Robotic Car Line Follower Kit V3! (with Experiment Manual)

Robot Car Line Follower Experiment Kit v2 (with Manual)

Internet of Things Starter Kit with ESP32 and Arduino (with Experiment Manual)

ESP32 Arduino IoT Starter Kit (Internet of Things) (with Manual)

Sensors and Modules Kit for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Internet of Things! (with Experiment Manual)

Sensors & Modules Kit for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, IoT

Raspberry Pi 4 Development Starter Kit (with Experiment Manual)

choose from 2GG, 4GB and 8GB versions.

Raspberry Pi 4 Development Starter Kit – 2GB (with Experiment Manual)


Stay tuned for more modules to come! If you have some modules in mind that you want us to add on our shelves shoot us an email at support@bitstoc.com or give a chat on our facebook page. Happy Weekend project making!