About Us

We CREATE, SHARE and SUPPORT in the fields of Engineering, Education Technology (EdTech), Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM), Arts, Hardware Electronics Design, Software Programming, Robotics, Product Design and Hobby Electronics.


Bitstoc Electronics helps the customers and the community with the materials needed for prototyping circuit, project hobby circuits, product development and education tools for learning.

We are an Electronics retail store selling electronics parts ranging from small discrete resistor to development boards, sensor board and modules that’s needed to make your personal project real and we also cater for commercial mass production.

Part of our mission is to share our passion and help in Education by creating educational materials and tools for learning on how to code and how to design electronic circuit.

We also provide workshop, classes and we also support community events.

We always feel excited and happy to talk about projects and ideas, talk to us by checking out our “Contact Us” page.