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Arduino Mega 2560 Prototyping Shield
This is an Arduino MEGA 2650 Prototyping Shield with mini breadboard. The board fits ..
Arduino MEGA 2560 R3
The Arduino Mega is a microcontroller board based on theATmega2560. It has 54 digital input/output p..
Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V, 16Mhz
DESCRIPTION   Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V, 16Mhz The Arduino Pro Mini is a microcontroll..
Arduino Starter Kit (with Experiment Manual)
DESCRIPTION   The Arduino Starter Kit is the primary tool we use to start learning about ..
Arduino UNO Prototyping Shield
This is an Arduino Uno Prototyping Shield with mini breadboard. The board fits perfectly o..
Arduino UNO R3
DESCRIPTION This is the Arduino UNO R3 board. One of the LATEST and MOST POPULAR developme..
ATMega328P (with Arduino Bootloader)
DESCRIPTION   This Atmega328 chip is Pre-Loaded with Arduino Bootloader, ready to be..
Base Holder for Arduino and Breadboard
DESCRIPTION Base Holder for Arduino and Breadboard. Great tool to have a fine and easy way of pro..
Bluetooth Module HC-05 or HC-06 (Master/Slave)
Bluetooth Module HC-05 or HC-06 (Master/Slave)   The HC-05 or HC-06 Bluetooth Module (Mas..
Case for Arduino UNO (Acrylic, Clear)
DESCRIPTION   Add a Casing accessory to your Arduino board for board protection and ..
Connecting Wires - Male-Male, 65pcs (assorted-size)
DESCRIPTION   These are 65 pieces of different colored jumper wires. These ..
DC gear Motor with wheels - 200 rpm
DESCRIPTION   This DC gear motors with wheels are the same with the one we use in our Rob..
GSM GPRS (SMS) Shield - SIM900
DESCRIPTION   Send and Receive SMS with Arduino or control any device using arduino and..
LCD 2x16 character (white in blue backlight)
DESCRIPTION   LCD Display 2x16 Characters (white text in blue backlight)  ..
Motor Driver Board for dc, stepper, 2A L298N
DESCRIPTION   Your robotics project is now easy to control with our Motor Driver board L2..

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